Mastering the Art of Video Marketing

The key secret to exploding  your profits With Videos.


Video marketing is the ideal medium for increasing website traffic and for reaching prospective customers. It’s ideal for increasing conversion rates and even helps you to build relationships with your customers. If you do it right, it also has the power to help improve your search engine rankings.

Unfortunately, far too many online business owners tend to discount the effectiveness of this type of advertising, and so they avoid it.

Instead, most Internet marketers tend to focus on content marketing. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this approach, Google’s recent updates do make it more difficult to reach the level of success you’re aiming at with content alone.

Cisco Systems estimated that around 80% of web the end of 2019 would drive traffic by video marketing. That’s a powerful statistic you really don’t want to ignore.

So, let’s look at the real power behind video marketing and what you can do to take advantage of it.

Why Video Marketing?

People browsing for information online are often too busy to read a long article or a page filled with content. They might skim through the important information, but unless that content is really engaging those people are likely to just skip to the end.

By comparison, video marketing is far more dynamic. It’s visually stimulating. It helps to capture attention and impart information at the same time.

Video marketing also gives you the opportunity to build your personal and business brand. You get to build trust within your customers and increase their familiarity with you at the same time.

What’s more, if you’re really not comfortable writing content for your site, video gives you an easy option to still communicate. You simply get in front of a web cam and record yourself giving out the information you want to give. It really is that easy – and yet it’s so incredibly powerful at the same time.

Creating Good Videos

The videos you create for your video marketing efforts don’t need to be massively high-quality, professional-level videos. However, you still want to focus on providing good quality wherever possible. This helps to present a more professional image of you and your business, but won’t break your budget if you’re just starting out.

Most people do realize that marketing videos are created using a web cam or camcorder, so it’s okay to be a little informal about your presentation. Otherwise, everything else you do can be easily created or edited using your computer and some simple hardware and software programs.

Here are some things you can use to help you create good videos.

Right Equipment

In order to make your videos you will need the right equipment to get it all working. Of course, you can use any camcorder or web cam to record yourself talking or giving out information.

However, if you really want to make it easy on yourself, think about using Flip Cam ( This is a brilliant little portable camcorder that can be mounted on a convenient tripod. It has a handy USB port that allows you to upload your completed videos directly to your computer quickly and easily.

Good Lighting

Even if you’re using a basic web cam to record your videos, you can improve the quality simply by ensuring you have plenty of good lighting. Be sure you have lots of light directed at your face. Lamps positioned behind your web cam will do this fine for you. This will eliminate shadows and help to make your presentation look more professional overall.


When you’re recording your video, always remember to look right into the camera. People view this the same way as though you are looking them in the eye when you meet in person. When you look right into the camera, you’re helping to build their trust in you.

Think about it this way: if you were staring around the room, or letting your eyes dart around everywhere else but at the camera, you could look like you’re trying to hide something. This can make people a little nervous about trusting whatever you’re promoting.

Stay focused and looks directly into the camera while you’re talking.

On top of this, it’s important to always be yourself, be comfortable and just be YOU. People like to know you’re just another human being, just like them.

Slide Show Videos

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of getting in front of a camera and recording themselves. If you’re really shy, it’s fine to create videos using PowerPoint slide shows. This lets you still take advantage of the visual appeal of video, but also lets you use visual prompts.

While slideshow videos aren’t quite as powerful as actual recordings of people, they still do have their place. This approach lets you create cartoons; add images or photos of the actual product you’re talking about. It also lets you add text to emphasize your point.

What’s more, it’s still possible to add music or a voice over to your slide show, so people still get to hear what’s going on while they’re focused on watching your presentation.

Brainstorm Video Content

Don’t just switch on your camcorder and expect to start talking. Always take the time to think about what you’re going to say and how you’ll present your information.

If you’re using your video for search engine optimization efforts, be sure to do some keyword research. Then use keyword optimized content and a keyword-rich title. Always choose a strong, catchy title that includes the benefit people will get from watching your video, but that will still appeal to the search engines.

Create an Outline of Key Points

Once you have a clear idea about what information you’ll be talking about, create a list of things you want to include. This is NOT a script!

Wherever possible, avoid using a script. Almost everyone sounds stiff and formal when they’re reading off a script. You really want to sound as natural as possible, so don’t be tempted by this idea.

You might find it easier to imagine that you’re explaining your information to a good friend. This can help to give you a more natural, friendly tone when you’re recording.

Just be natural and authentic, but most importantly, just be yourself. If you are normally a happy, upbeat person, let this show in your video. If you usually use humor to illustrate a point, use this too. It lets viewers get a glimpse of your personality, which also helps to strengthen the bond they’re developing with you.

Be organized with your notes and know what you’ll be talking about next. Have your notes handy when you’re recording so you can refer to them when you need to.

First Impressions Count

You only really have the first 15 seconds in your video to make a good impression. If you can’t grab your viewers’ attention in that time, they’ll leave. People really do have short attention spans when they’re searching for information online.

This means you need to give people the main benefit or reason for watching right up front. Let them know what they’ll get out of watching your video all the way through. Tell them within the first few seconds what you’ll be talking about in your video and what they’ll learn.

This information will grab their interest and keep them around long enough for you to say everything you want to say.

From there, stick to your promise and deliver exactly what you said they would receive. Give out your information quickly and clearly so it can be easily understood. Make it interesting enough for people to watch right to the end otherwise you risk them missing your call to action if they click away too soon.

Call to Action

Once you’ve created your video, you really need to create a strong call to action that gets people to act. You need to have a call to action at the end of your video telling people exactly what you want them to do. Your call to action might be to get people to join your email list or get them to visit your website or follow you on Twitter or whatever.

If you don’t tell them what you want them to do, people are likely to do nothing once your video ends. So be sure you give them some direction about what they’re expected to do. You’ll be surprised by just how many will do exactly as you told them to do!

It’s always a good idea to speak your call to action out loud during your presentation, but always be sure you edit your video to include a credit at the end in text showing that same call to action visually as well.

You can add some text showing your website URL, or repeat your call to action in text right at the end. This helps to reinforce what you want viewers to do. When you make it this clear, they’re more likely to respond positively and you’ll see a better conversion rate as a result.

Edit Your Video before Uploading

Once your video is complete, always take the time to edit the final product. A simple program like Windows Movie Maker is fine for this. This allows you to edit sections that don’t work for you. You can fade into other sections or cut out any pauses or breaks that don’t add to the value of your overall video.

You might choose to insert sound effects or a musical accompaniment. Perhaps you need to insert images or graphics to illustrate a point you were making throughout the video.

You also have the opportunity to add a very brief introductory title or some text introducing you and your presentation at the beginning of the video, if you want to do this.  You can also add a section in writing at the end where your call to action is highlighted in text right at the end.

Upload and Share Your Video

YouTube is obviously the biggest and most popular place to upload your videos. Ofcourse, there are other video networking and sharing sites, but YouTube is the best place to start.

From here you want to try and syndicate your video content as far and wide as you possibly can. This gives you a huge amount of leverage as more people see it.

Try posting to other video aggregation sites with the help of TubeMogul. This will let you post your videos to sites like Blip, Veoh, Metacafe, among others.

You can also embed your video on your blog, on your Facebook Fan page, and even on other people’s Facebook pages if you’re feeling bold.

The key to any successful video marketing campaign is to get your video uploaded and then syndicate it and share it as far and as wide as you possibly can. You want as many people as possible to view it and respond to your call to action.

But there is even more that you can do to improve you marketing success, adding a Video Pal to your webpages. Have a look at this site’s Video Pal creation software to see how it works


Hopefully this ebook has given you some ideas for getting your own video marketing campaign off the ground. Video marketing is quickly becoming the future for Internet marketing. This is evident when you look at some of the incredible success-stories getting around online about massively boosted sales figures for those people who get their video marketing correct.

If you get your video marketing tactics right, you should find that it’s possible to make a video today that will continue to drive traffic and generate sales for years to come.

Good luck with your video marketing efforts!

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